Age 2: My Favorite Year

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I wonder if I write these titles every year as my child gets older.  Where we are right now, I love year 2.

My daughter is learning and growing so fast.  She’s developing even more of that giggly personality that we love so much about her.  Her vocabulary is ever-increasing and she just has the cutest voice I’ve ever heard.

We shipped her off to her grandparents’ house for the weekend and both realized that we were really going to miss her.  Weekends we shipped her off before age two were more sanity breaks, so it was a relief to have some time away.  I still need relief at times, but our weekends without her are now bittersweet.  I’m happy to have time to do what I want or need, I can focus on me and my husband, and, on occasion, just do nothing.  Now, we’re also missing out on her sweet little voice, funny or cute things she says, and tons of giggles.

Silly on the zoo carousel

As a baby, she was needy and demanding without the voice.  Now that she’s gained her voice and started learning her manners, she’s blossomed into less of a dictator and more of an individual who knows what she wants, when she wants it, and can nicely ask for it (though still needs to be reminded at times).  I’m now able to appreciate her sense of self and independence because she’s not screaming at me all the time.

Sure, we still have moments, or days, that aren’t all wonderful, but these are the most amazing days we’ve had!

What were or are your favorite ages?


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