Animals Flip and Mix – Kid’s iOS app Review

by Ivy B
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This is a sponsored post to review Animals Flip and Mix- ABC Cognitive Games for Kids.  The opinions expressed here are my own. I received a code for a FREE download of this iOS app and will be giving away 7 more codes to my readers!

Animals Flip and Mix is a fun and educational iOS app game for children between the ages 4 – 8 years.  It “…improves children’s reading, writing and pronunciation skills, in an imaginative, playful and amusing manner.”  At two years, my daughter wasn’t quite aware of the intent of this game, so I had to write my review based on what I felt important.  Being that I don’t have a child in this age range, your opinions of this product may differ from mine, and I’d certainly love to hear your thoughts after using it.

The app brings you to a character and it’s easy to figure out that you can switch 3 parts of the animal to create different characters (and thus different, and funny, words).  Each of the 3 parts of the animal is also a different part of a word.  When your child has blended words and created a real word (and complete character), a green play button will appear by the character.  Clicking on that play button makes a simple activity appear.

Even when your child isn’t blending a complete word, the characters they can create could seem limitless.  And, they’ll hear the parts of the words sounded out.  I recently posted about phonemic awareness and practicing letter sounds with my daughter has helped us with her speech, so it makes me happy that this app works on more complex blending.

To the extent that my 2 year old could play with this app, she enjoyed asking me to help her create a character that would make the play button appear.  I took the opportunity to read the pieces of the word to her, even when it would create funny characters.  She’d promptly grab the phone when the play button appeared, and would interact with the short activity for each character, then ask for help again.

It was good to see her enjoying the app, and being able to introduce her to complex blending without “schooling” her was fun.  If you want to see the app in action first, check out the trailer:

Don’t you think this would be a great educational app to have for your children?

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