Sendoo iPhone App Review

by Ivy B
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This is a sponsored post to review Sendoo.  Sendoo is a FREE app that isn’t like most other photo sharing applications

Sendoo – Send something special – Sendoo Interactive is a fun way to make your photos interactive!  I can use my iPhone to take, or use existing, pictures to make albums, invitations, games, ecards, and customized photos with special frames.

“Sendoo came about based on the need for a new kind of interactive form of expression.

It was a natural evolution to build a mobile application that allows consumers to send customized and original content via mobile device to people they care about. There is no current consumer application on the market today.”

Here are a few screen shots of the images I created, not including some albums and pictures with frames.  I felt these were the most unique to a photo sharing app, thus bringing more value to sharing the app with you.

Sendoo picture puzzle game
(Left) Creating picture puzzle game; (Right) Preview of picture puzzle game

 The picture puzzle game allows you to use your own photos and hide any part of the picture to make a game.  You select your answer for your friends to guess.  They can reveal pieces until they figure out who or what is in the photo.

Sendoo custom invitation preview
Invitation Preview

 Amongst other options, I also chose to share a (fake) invitation.  Again, there are a lot of options to choose from, including baby shower, birthday and more.  You insert your chosen image , customize date and location, and add your own text in the spaces allowed.

Other creations I chose not to share:

* A framed photo of my daughter for fall which included animated leaves
* A Thanksgiving album of a few pictures taken of daughter and hubby picking oranges

Here’s an ecard I found in the Sendoo website gallery:

What I like about Sendoo is that you can share your work via Facebook on your wall, as messages on Facebook, or shoot them over to your contacts privately.  There are a few “paid” options, but the free options seem to outweigh the paid options.  Since there are a ton of options in each category, you will get a lot from this FREE app!    It’s nice that, once you’ve shared your creation, it’s saved on your Sendoo app (great for my terrible memory!)

The only downside I’ve come across is that, on occasion, the app will freeze or crash.  One time I thought the app froze and I left it alone and a while later my photo posted to Facebook when I wasn’t paying attention, so maybe the app is just a little quirky.

The one thing my husband said he didn’t care for is that he had to create an account to see the photo creations I was sharing on Facebook.

Get Sendoo from the

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