Caveman Cookies Review: New Holiday Flavor Available

by Ivy B
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One problem I experience with going Paleo is how inconvenient it is.  There’s no stopping for quick meals without some serious menu hunting to make sure I’m still at least adhering to gluten free.  Most of our meals are made at home, right down to homemade mayonnaise.  If you get stuck somewhere unplanned, there’s no grabbing a bag of chips or finding a quick burger joint on the fly.  I’ve complained about losing too much weight, so I’ve been making a lot of Paleo friendly cookies and treats recently, but it’s so time consuming that by the time I’ve done that and made dinner, on top of all the other things I have to take care of in a day, I’m tired of looking at the kitchen.

I was glad when Caveman Cookies allowed me to do a review for them.  I was ready to throw in the towel on Paleo from being burnt out in the kitchen and this opportunity gives me some extra time to try to stick to it better without all the work.  And, they arrived in perfect time to take on an out of town trip to Disney to carry along for safe snacks without making too many dietary compromises.

What are Caveman Cookies?

Caveman Cookies were founded in 2009 for people who were following a caveman-like diet.  Our more modern dietary habits include grains and dairy, which weren’t around in the days of the caveman.

While their cookies are produced on equipment that processes other allergens, they take extra precautions to try to prevent cross-contamination.

Caveat: While sunflower oil isn’t technically “Paleo” (which you could read about at Paleo Plan), I had to let the idea of being perfectly Paleo slip knowing that a) staying true to Paleo isn’t totally feasible for a week at Disney and b) I needed to find ways that would help me put on more weight, and that meant I was only going to be Paleo most of the time.  Anyway,

What variety of Caveman Cookies did I try?

Caveman Cookies were eager to get the word out about a new variety of cookies called “North Pole” though I received a few other samples as well.   My review kit included a box of North Pole and 1 each of New World, Mayan, and Tropical.

North Pole (peppermint & chocolate)

This is the flavor that Caveman Cookies was eager to receive a review on, since it’s new in their line for the holidays.  This was the flavor I chose to test first since I had more of these.  Now, I’m not a big fan of peppermint, however, the peppermint flavor was so subtle, I could barely tell it was there.  I loved the chewy texture of the cookies

New World (pumpkin, maple, & cranberry)

This was one of my favorites!  Perfect for the fall season with maple, honey, pumpkin, & cranberries.  This was a highly welcomed treat after the first day at Disney watching my family indulge in a couple treats.  When we settled into our hotel, I broke open this bad boy and didn’t regret the decision a bit!   This is the flavor that uses the sunflower oil that I spoke of.

Mayan (chocolate, chili, & chia)

The ingredients list perplexes me, so I was intrigued.  The flavor was just as perplexing and complicated.  Biting into the cookie my taste buds were confused by the contrast sweet and spicy, but I kind of liked the confusion.  If you’re concerned about “spice” I never found it to be very spicy – just a hint of spice.

Tropical (coconut & macadamia)

I was really looking forward to trying this flavor, however, I’m not a huge fan.  I think the ginger throws me off.  I really liked that I could really taste the honey in this cookie but would have loved to taste more of the coconut also.  Still, it was a good snack and I would recommend it for my readers if you like ginger.

Purchasing Caveman Cookies

You can purchase these cookies directly at the Caveman Bakery online store in individual boxes or various sizes of assortment packs.  Additionally, I have been able to find Caveman Cookies at Amazon (those of you who are Prime members may find that valuable).

Final Caveman Cookies Review Notes

These were a convenient and healthy snack option that I carried with me on my recent trip to Disney World.  It was great to have these on hand in the hotel in the evening to keep me from chowing down on the gluten free junk food alternatives.  My favorite of my sample pack happened to be the North Pole cookies.

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