First attempt at Pre-K with an 18 month old!

by Ivy B
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Okay, I’m a bit of a “follow plans and structure” type and I think this preschool stuff may drive me a little crazy at times, but I’m sure my daughter is going to pick up on things as we play.

I am following along with a FREE lesson plan from Little Adventures PreschoolThe letter of the week is K and she planned for “Karate” but we used free tot printables with Kites instead!  Here is S with a completed puzzle and our kite patterns – she’s quite young to completely grasp the concept, so the puzzle was completed by myself.  She enjoyed playing with the laminated pieces, viewing the completed pictures, and helping to find the colors.

In addition, I read the K page out of the book “A Was Once An Apple Pie” – luckily the letter K in the book was for kite to help our theme 🙂   Pictured here is an image that does not match our book, but it‘s basically the sameNote: The rhyming in this book does not use proper English, but it is a lot of fun to grab the interest of your little one.


Finally, we pulled out our Giant Pegboard (current product of the month at Discovery Toys) and some colored rubber bands to make a letter K on the back!  Super easy and little S thought it was kind of funny (if you do this activity, please watch your tot around the rubber bands – little S almost grabbed one of the bands, and I just envisioned her pulling it and snapping her in the eye EEEK!)

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