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Making a New Year’s Resolution for 2015

by Ivy B

I rarely make New Year’s resolutions.  I know that a) I won’t stick to it and b) I never know what I most want to improve.  The last couple years I’ve been working on my health, but that’s come with necessity as it has failed me miserably and I knew I HAD to get better for the sake of my husband and daughter.

Recently, I began to realize that I wasn’t able to find much joy in my day.  Struggling with my health, constantly in the kitchen cooking Paleo, and trudging through the day listening to my kid whine and argue with me has taken a toll on my ability to see the beauty in life.  It wasn’t until a recent, & almost completely horrible day at Animal Kingdom with the crankiest kid in the park, that I found a moment of beauty in spite of it all.  In this moment, I captured a wonderful shot (above) of a giraffe during our safari ride and completely forgot about the arguing, crying and screaming I’d listened to all day.

Though the moment didn’t last long, I was entranced and felt at peace.  And, that’s when I realized I needed to find that more often, regardless of how brief!  So, for 2015, I will begin to look for the beauty in everyday life.  I won’t press myself to find it daily, though I hope to work up to that as I train my brain to look for things that make me happy or set my mind at ease.

Have you given any thought to your New Year’s Resolution(s)?  What are they?

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