Organic Product Review: Suja Essentials

by Ivy B
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Suja Essentials organic juice blends

What is Suja Essentials?

Suja Essentials are organic, non-gmo, cold-pressed juice blends.  Health buff?  You might want to check these out.  One bottle retails for approximately $3.99.  Read on to learn about my thoughts on the two bottles I received from bzzagent in exchange for my honest opinions of the product.

Suja Essentials Review

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I was happy to get a chance to try these juices through  I’ve been trying to increase my organic consumption as well as purchasing more Non-GMO verified products.  With my autoimmune disorder, and recently finding out I’m severely intolerant of glyphosate, a chemical found in Round-Up ready crops, I’m trying to be more careful about my food choices.  These are Non-GMO verified by and that made me really happy.

Unfortunately, my Publix didn’t have a great selection, so I ended up with 1 bottle each of Mango Magic and Green Delight.

suja essentials mango magic #review #ivysvariety

The Mango Magic blend included ginger in the ingredients list.  I tried this one first because I was in the mood for a more tropical blend, however, the entire drink was overpowered by the ginger.  While I don’t mind a little bit of ginger, I almost couldn’t taste anything else in the drink.  I wasn’t a fan, so I’m going to recommend this blend to someone who LOVES ginger.

suja essentials Green Delight #review #ivysvariety

After Mango Magic, I was worried about trying the Green Delight, but I was pleasantly surprised by it.  There was a nice blend of fruits and powerful greens (some of the greens I never eat) and I am happy to report that, to me, this tasted like a tangy, but sweet, tea.  I could see purchasing this flavor again in the future (if I can reintroduce a couple of the ingredients back into my diet).

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