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SavvyBaby Grey Chevron Nursing Cover Review #savvybabynursingcover

by Ivy B

I recently posted about my breastfeeding fears and all the reasons I don’t want to try breastfeeding again, but I’ve come to the conclusion that since no one is home to help with the baby all day, I might as well give it a shot.  So, if I’m going to do it, I need to arm myself with some breastfeeding essentials.  Disclaimer:  I’ve been given the chance to review the Grey Chevron Nursing Cover by SavvyBaby.  I was provided this nursing cover for free in exchange for my honest review of the product.

To me, breastfeeding in public is uncomfortable.  I’m always worried about having a “wardrobe malfunction, or really a baby malfunction  (I can thank the first kiddo’s breastfeeding issues for those fears).  Plus, I know that nursing makes others uncomfortable.  Besides, who am I to teach someone else’s kids about breastfeeding?  No thank you.  I’ve always believed that having a cover reduces uncomfortable situations, and I’ve found it easy to tell children that “baby is taking a nap” while we’re both covered up, and the kids are none-the-wiser.  All that said, a nursing cover is considered a breastfeeding essential in my book.

SavvyBaby Nursing Cover Review

So, in testing out this nursing cover, I was excited to get one that had the built-in boning to help me maintain eye contact with my baby while nursing.  My first cover didn’t have that feature, so I had to tug at the top to see her when I wanted and I was certain the boning was going to make this a bit easier on us.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t that pleased with the cover BUT, please understand that my opinion is based on the fact that I have a really small frame.  **I don’t believe my issues would be the same for people with average or larger frames.**

SavvyBaby Grey Chevron Nursing Cover img

My excitement dissipated quickly.  On my small build, I have to really cinch up the neckline so the cover doesn’t fall over my shoulders.  In doing so, this creates a very dramatic circle in the boning and I have the cover way out in front of my face.  With such a large, open area, anyone sitting behind me or hovering over me could easily get a nice (maybe not so nice) view, which is something I try to avoid.  So, I don’t get the results that the model in the stock photo gets, and you can see she doesn’t have the strap cinched up.

#savvybabynursingcover #review img #ivysvariety

In trying to alleviate the problem with the large circle in my face, I find myself twisting the cover  slightly to the side and re-adjust the fabric.  Either way, the fabric below the boning is always needing to be pushed outward so as not to obstruct my view.

#savvybabynusringcover #review img

The quality of the fabric and stitching appear to be very nice.  It’s not heavy and the D-rings are nice and smooth to make easy adjustments as needed.  Despite my own issues, I love the set which comes with a handy, matching drawstring tote, plus a free set of reusable nursing pads.  The set is currently selling on Amazon for $19.99.  I’d still consider recommending this to try.

Any tips for me to make this nursing cover work for me?


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