Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table – Review

by Ivy B
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Hubby recently splurged and bought baby girl a water table after realizing how much fun she has with other kid’s water tables.
I would typically tell you that buying used toys for your toddler is the way to go, and I still would have been okay with a used water table, but if there is something that I’m not disappointed with spending extra money on, it’s this water table.

He purchased the Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table at Amazon and set it up promptly.  Here’s my honest review:
Baby girl is absolutely in love with this toy.  I set it up on our covered front porch and quickly realized that we needed to set down a non-slip mat of some kind.  I don’t know why it’s so exciting to dump out water by the bucket loads all over the floor, but that’s exactly what my girl does.

What do I not like about it?  The water wheel stand doesn’t attach to the table, so if your little one insists on playing with it, it’s not going to stay in place.
Quirky feature: If the sails aren’t straight, the boats sink (shown here).

What else do I not like about it?  I don’t have a chair on the front porch as of yet.  Okay – that really doesn’t have anything to do with my feelings about this toy, does it?!
Truth is, I love it for my daughter.  On days when I’m simply too lazy to do much, we head outside and she’ll spend as much time soaking herself and the floor as I allow.  I have only seen one time that she’d gotten tired of it before I got bored to tears and was ready to leave it.  Most times, I’m having to pull her away from it as she screams and throws tantrums.
This cute set comes with the table, 2 different colored sail boats, a bucket, water wheel and tower.  The tower bucket has a single hole to properly activate the water wheel.  That bucket is also not attached, so often baby girl will remove the water tower bucket, fill it from the table, and dump THAT everywhere with the pouring bucket dumping water from the other hand.
She’s always completely drenched within about a minute of play time with this toy – this is a great thing for living in FL since we don’t have a pool.
My only other minor gripe about the boats are that the piece that holds the sails come apart easily and I’m forever “fixing” the boats.
If you like my review, check the table out now on Amazon!

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