SUSU Saxon Crossbody Handbag Review

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SUSU Handbags Saxon Crossbody #review

Let’s be clear, purses and handbags are low on my list of priorities to replace.  Honestly, it’s only been recently that I’ve actually been able to go out and about without a diaper bag, so inexpensive purses have been my thing.  I’ve always been of the mind-set that the places our purses end up (often, the floor), really isn’t worth spending much money on.

Still, I was excited at the opportunity to review a quality handbag.  I received the Saxon Crossbody in brown from SUSU in exchange for my honest opinions of the product.  Once it arrived, I opened it, excitedly and noticed that in addition to packing it, it came in a nice cloth bag for extra protection.  Please note that while I received no compensation for this posting, if you place an order with SUSU after clicking on my links, I will receive a small commission.  These factors do not sway my opinions of the product.  Additionally, I wouldn’t become an affiliate with a company if I didn’t believe in the value of the product or service.

A little about the Saxon Crossbody Purse (directly from SUSU’s website):


*Width: 9.5
*Height: 10
*Depth: 1
*Strap Drop: 24
Outside: 100% Genuine Leather – Soft Pebble Pattern
Inside: Cotton Lining
Top Zipper Closure
horizontal Zipper with fully functioning second pecket
Adjustable Cross-body Strap

My Thoughts on the Saxon Crossbody

As a typical inexpensive purse owner, I can tell you I noticed a huge difference in the feeling of the leather.  My new purse felt strong, but still soft.  And, it definitely didn’t feel cheap or inexpensive.  This purse probably isn’t going to end up on the floor, but I don’t think I’m going to have to worry about it wearing out in a year like I do with my typical purchases.

SUSU Saxon Crossbody Handbag #ivysvariety #reviewinside the SUSU Saxon Crossbody Handbag

I chose this handbag because I wanted something a little smaller, but still offered a few zippered pockets to help me arrange my purse the way I wanted.  I loved the idea of something that would fit closer to my body and not fall off my shoulders as easily as a normal purse.  I found this to be a bonus when walking around with my 3 year old.  I’m even looking forward to using this on my upcoming trip to Disney alone with the kiddo as I can put a few essentials in it and still shove it in my backpack without taking up too much space when I need to.  My current purse wouldn’t fit well into my backpack, so this will be a nice bonus.

What did I fit into my Saxon Crossbody?

As a mom, it’s important that I can fit some essentials for myself and a toddler, even when we’re going on short outings.  I was easily able to fit the following into my bag:

SUSU Saxon Crossbody Handbag mom/toddler contents #review

Eyeglass case
Eyeglass spray cleaner
Small wallet
Hand sanitizer
Boogie Wipes
Neo to Go
Feminine products
Fruit pouch
Fruit snacks

I had a bit of room to spare in the back (non-zippered compartment) where the iPhone was closest to my body.  I probably could have squeezed in a pull-up or swapped out a few things and still had room for my keys.  A short outing may not require my eyeglass case and cleaner leaving room for other things if you need.  Still, quite impressive for such a small looking bag.  I can see this bag being perfect for date nights too.

full SUSU Saxon Crossbody handbag


Final Thoughts on SUSU Handbags

I loved my new handbag for all applications requiring minimal items to be carried.  It was great for going out to dinner, quick trips to the grocery store, or other short trips which didn’t require more than a small snack or two for the kiddo.  The quality of the leather is far beyond what I’m accustomed to, which happens to make me want to take better care of my purse.  And finally, I see this particular handbag being perfectly stuffed into my backpack on Disney trips without taking up too much space, which means I don’t have to switch everything in and out of the purse to backpack for overnight trips.

I love SUSU handbag designs as they’re mostly simple and clean.  I feel like they offer plenty of options without being overwhelming.  I also think these bags are great for both busy moms and busy professionals.  I think this particular bag functions well both on jeans days and when you’re a little more well dressed.

wearing SUSU Saxon Crossbody Handbag #review #ivysvariety

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