Why I Might Just Have to Switch to Instacart Grocery Delivery

by Ivy B
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One of my favorite ways to offload tasks is to have someone else do my grocery shopping!  Here’s 6 reasons I’m looking to switch to Instacart grocery delivery.

Oh boy … I’ve been a loyal fan of another grocery delivery service for a couple years.  But, in the last few months, I’ve wondered what all the fuss was about when it comes to Instacart.

I’m going to be brutally honest for one second about why I refused to look at Instacart as a viable option when it comes to having my groceries delivered.  It came down to annual fee.  You see, Instacart is 50% more per year than my current grocery delivery service.

$149 just to have the ability to have my groceries delivered is a huge upfront annual expense, especially considering I currently pay $99/year.

But, I did a little research and was soon convinced Instacart was probably worth giving a chance.

Here’s why I’m looking to switch to Instacart Grocery Delivery!

This post was sponsored by Instacart, but all opinions are 100% my own.

6 Reasons I’m Looking to Switch to Instacart Grocery Delivery

Don’t forget: this is my rationale based on already consistently using a grocery delivery service.  These reasons may not be the same as if you’ve never used a grocery delivery service.

1. My Fridge Told Me To

apps on high tech fridge | sahmplus.com

Okay, so my fridge doesn’t talk to me.  It’s fancy and all, but it isn’t quite that high tech.  

I have one of those cool refrigerators with the screen in the door.  It’s basically a humongous tablet with very specific apps that run on it.

Well, would you believe that Instacart is the only grocery delivery app available for my fridge?

So yeah, my fridge is making very specific demands.  Who am I to argue with a fridge that probably knows more than I do?

2. Partnered with Meal Planning Websites

Back when I researched meal planning websites, I found that nearly all of them work with Instacart directly.  That means, these websites create your weekly meal plan and automatically import the grocery list into your Instacart shopping cart.

Very few of these services work with my current grocery delivery service.  And, while not a deal-breaker, I’m all for making my life easier.  Since I’m currently using a meal planning service, I’d like to get reap all the rewards I can get, right down to auto-import of my grocery list.

3. Free Delivery

Stocked fridge thanks to grocery delivery | sahmplus.com

If all I have to spend is $35 in order to get free delivery from Instacart Express, that’s a good deal.  I mean, these days, eating a healthier diet means I spend $35 in the blink of an eye.   I mean, what is that … 3 items?  Seriously, it doesn’t take much.

Oh, and if I need something FAST, I can get delivery in as little as one hour.

Um … just found out you’re down to the last diaper but you’ve gotta get the kiddo down for nap?  Forgot some items for dinner tonight or ran out of aluminum foil?

Yeah, get that stuff fast!

Note: Instacart Express is an optional service (this is the part that costs $149 per year).  Don’t wanna pay for an annual membership?  Opt for just Instacart.  But, remember, you’ll pay delivery fees based on your order amount.  You can still get your first order delivered for FREE to try them out though.

4. Price

Wait, didn’t I just say price was the initial factor that kept me from switching to Instacart in the first place?

Price goes beyond just the initial cost to join Instacart.  Thankfully, hubby reminded me to look past the initial cost.  So a dear friend helped me with IRL comparisons.  This is what we came up with, based on items I typically purchase.

Instacart VS Shipt individual item pricing comparison | sahmplus.com

In just 1o regular items, my total shop would have cost me 8% less using Instacart than my current grocery delivery service.

Now, that doesn’t seem like much, but when you get into the nerdy calculation stuff, here’s what it equates to:

If I normally spend $180 on a delivery, I would save about $14.40 using Instacart.  Since the annual cost of Instacart is $50 more than my current provider, it would take about 3.5 deliveries to make up the difference.  After that, it’s just recurring savings the rest of the year.

5. All The Stores

Well, maybe not ALL, but Instacart is affiliated with a bunch of stores.  In my area, I can have someone shop at Publix (and Publix Liquors – you know, because mom life), Native Sun, Whole Foods, Petco, and CVS.

That means I’ve got a lot of choices for my general items, health food, and even have things delivered for our dog!

Check to see what stores Instacart will shop at for you in your area by entering your zip code!

6. Free Trial

I’ve got 14 days of FREE delivery to try Instacart Express, and so do you!

In mom terms, that’s 14 days of forgetting things or running out of random items and having someone else do your shopping for you.

For 14 days, you don’t have to run another grocery shopping errand after school drop off.

What that really means is you can go home and finish that cold cup of coffee (or put on another pot) as the toddler destroys the playroom.  All the while someone else does the shopping for items you forgot to put on your list.  And, you haven’t subjected the rest of the store with the wild beast you call your child.

random grocery items on the counter | sahmplus.com

Will you switch to Instacart Grocery Delivery?

Wait, do you even subscribe to grocery delivery?  If not, are you interested in Instacart?  Don’t forget your 14-day trial!


6 reasons Instacart Grocery Delivery Service makes sense for mom who doesn't want to do her own shopping. | sahmplus.com

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