The Magical World of Sebella – Review and Giveaway

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This is a bit out of my realm as I’m learning still to see life like a toddler/preschooler does, but I’m always up for a little challenge, so today I’m providing a review of The Magical World of Sebella by Thea Berg.  Read my review and then scroll to the bottom of this post to enter using the Giveaway Tools entry form.

The Magical World of Sebella is geared for ages 7 and up.  My first, and seemingly only, difficulty with this book was to make myself think like a young child (since I’m certainly far from that) but not quite as young as my little one.  From the get-go, the reader is thrown straight into the life of a young witch, Sebella, her new friend, cousin, and younger (vampire) brother on a quest to save the Magic Castle.

From an adult’s perspective, this is an easy read at only 69 pages.  What I really enjoyed about this book is that it moves quickly.  It’s as if Thea purposely writes so as not to lose her reader’s interest.  The action started early in the book and barely stopped, right to the end. This book is full of “magical” adventures with witches, magicians, ghosts, and dragons with a fun twist at the end.

The end of the book features some questions – I found this to be an added bonus if your child needs to work on reading comprehension and memory.  I’m not sure how many children’s books do this, but this was one of my favorite parts of the book as a parent always looking for ways to boost educational value.  If you’ve read the story with your child, these questions would be a fantastic way to learn to discuss what you have read together, which I believe to be an even bigger bonus.

Review and Giveaway – Thea graciously offered a free copy to me for my review and is offering 3 (three) lucky Ivy’s Variety readers a chance to win a paperback copy of her book in the following giveaway.  Please use the Giveaway Tools form, below, to enter only once (unless a task allows for multiple entries).  I will announce the 3 winners by 7/31/13.  Please read and play by the official rules in the Giveaway Tools entry form. GOOD LUCK!!!

If you can’t wait to read the book, you can buy it herein Kindle or Paperback form.

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