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“Bloop, Bloop!” Goes the Poop – Children’s Potty Training eBook Review

by Ivy B
Okay, so I downloaded “Bloop, Bloop!” Goes the Poop by Temara Moore back when I listed it as a free download from Amazon.  What?  You didn’t see it?  Maybe you should check in on my Facebook page daily to see what other books you can get for free … hint hint …
bloop bloop goes the poop potty training book review
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Anyway, I wasn’t sure about downloading the book myself, but I did it anyway.  Potty training seems to be going pretty well, generally.  But, baby girl doesn’t seem to care about going poop in the potty, so I thought maybe a book about it would make it okay.

I sat down and read the book to her and got several good giggles out of her.  “Okay, that’s positive!” I thought to myself …

I liked the rhymes and that the book made going poop in the potty seem fun and interesting.  And, she apparently liked poop going “bloop, bloop.”

Well, the one thing I didn’t count on was the potty jokes that came only a couple hours later.  I won’t divulge the information, but what she thought was hilarious was really rather disgusting.  Hilarious, but disgusting.  Hopefully it means that the book left an impression on her and she’ll start agreeing to poop in the potty soon!

Update: This book did not help my daughter feel any more comfortable going poop in the potty.  It took a trip to visit Mickey … seriously.  Our trip to Disney really was the most magical!

We just got poop jokes out of this book.  That was, in my book, hilarious, as we’re not very mature ourselves LOL.

If you’ve read the book, have you had any luck using it?

I was not compensated in any way for this review.  I “purchased” the book while it was free on Amazon.  You can click this affiliate link to purchase your copy of “Bloop, Bloop!” Goes the Poop by Temara Moore.

“Bloop, Bloop!” Goes the Poop
  • Temara Moore (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 28 Pages – 03/01/2012 (Publication Date) – We Dream Publishing (Publisher)
Bloop Bloop goes the poop - the children's potty training ebook that started my toddler's poop jokes
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