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A Hobby of a Different Color: Savannah’s Mom Hobby

by Ivy B

Not every mom’s hobby, even similar ones, look the same.  Some moms have fairly normal hobbies, like reading.  Others are a bit more hands-on and crafty.  Still, others may seem a bit crazy and daring. The time we take for our hobbies, the way we do them, and the gift that they are to each of us is completely different from one person to the next.  Savannah’s mom hobby is different, to me.

Her love for saving money is her hobby!

When I first read that this was her hobby, I couldn’t understand.  I mean, as a stay at home mom, I feel compelled to save money, but I never would have considered it a hobby.  Couponing and shopping sales became a chore for me.  This post challenged my thoughts, for that reason.  But, I do get it.  It’s the thing she feels driven to do.  It makes her happy.

Savannah's mom hobby is saving money
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Meet Savannah

Savannah is a stay at home mom with a young son.  She envisioned herself being a girl mom but really loves having her energetic and fun son.  His obsession with trucks, cars, and planes has been a bit contagious.  She finds herself pausing to look as airplanes go by, even if he’s not around.

Before having kids, Savannah thought of herself as a parenting expert.  She, like most of us, had a list of things she would “never do” like not allow snacks in the car or rely on the television for her child’s entertainment.  But, parenting rarely goes as planned.  She’s admitted to having a car covered in “goldfish dust” and allows her son to watch more TV than she’d like to admit because they need a break from each other.  (Girl, I totally feel your pain.  The goldfish flakes are a premium option, right?)

One of Savannah’s long term goals is to convince her husband to take a Great American Road trip.  She hopes to rent an RV with her family to visit National Parks out West, but her husband isn’t exactly keen on the idea. (I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! I think it sounds like fun, but totally wouldn’t do it until my kids were older!)

Savannah’s Mom Hobby: Saving Money

Being thrifty was always Savannah’s “thing.”  She loves finding deals and hates paying full price for anything.  Bargain hunting became her hobby.

When she decided to become a stay at home mom, she needed to buckle down and find more ways to save money.  Savannah is always looking out for new deals and takes a few breaks during her day to look online or compare ads.  She considers her hobby “super flexible” because she can take advantage of quiet moments while her son is napping or after he goes to bed for the night.

While she uses her hobby as a means to help support the family while staying home, it’s a break for her … giving her a chance to be something more than a mom.

Savannah has expanded her hobby to help people find deals and save money online.  She runs a blog called Saving with Savannah and an active Facebook Group called Daily Deals from Saving with Savannah.


I want to give you the opportunity to be featured.  Any mom hobby, no matter how mundane you believe it may be, can be an excellent source of inspiration for a mom struggling to maintain her sense of balance.  If you’d like to encourage another mom by sharing your mom hobby, click here to the mom hobby interview.

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