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Little Tikes Activity Garden 3-in-1 Adventure Center Toy Review #TeamLittleTikes

by Ivy B

I received this toy in exchange for my review, however my opinions are my own.

I recently joined Team Little Tikes online and was immediately rewarded by receiving the Activity Garden 3-in-1 Adventure Center.  In exchange for the toy, I have agreed to publish my review(s) in various places.  My favorite outlet is obviously right here on my blog so that you can benefit from hearing our thoughts directly.

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For starters, I joined Team Little Tikes and received the toy ON my daughter’s birthday!  So, it was a nice surprise on her birthday, but that happened to be coincidence.

Little Tikes Activity Garden Adventure Center #review

Obviously a three year old can’t contain her excitement when a new box arrives, so at 3:45 p.m. I’m forced to open the Little Tikes box and begin assembling the toy.  I’m not an engineer or even very handy at building things, but this toy build took me less than 15 minutes.  There were only two size screws, and the pictures and instructions were detailed enough to make it easy!  I felt very accomplished to have completed the build in 15 minutes.

pre-build #TeamLittleTikesbuilding with instructions #TeamLittleTikesalmost finished with build #TeamLittleTikes

There’s one thing I should note about the toy.  There are two ways to set up the activity after the build.  The seat can be placed on either top or bottom of the toy to create 1) a climb and slide activity or 2) a rocker.

climb and slide #TeamLittleTikes

My daughter loved the toy and I found myself constantly being requested (demanded) to change the toy from rocker to climb and slide.  Thankfully, the snap on and off feature made switching out functions very easy.  Regardless of ease, my three year old hasn’t been able to do it herself, so I’m pretty sure I have no worries about her hurting herself either.

Activity Garden Adventure Center rocker #TeamLittleTikes

If you’d like to join a social community that shares you love of Little Tikes, I’d love it if you would consider joining Team Little Tikes with me!

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