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Paw Patrol Lookout Playset Toy Revew

by Ivy B
Paw Patrol Spin Master Lookout Toy #toyreview bzzagent

Every now and then, when I let my daughter watch television, we stumble onto Paw Patrol, which she really seems to enjoy.  So, I was excited when bzzagent.com selected us to review the Paw Patrol Look-out Playset.

This set comes with the look-out tower, slide, Chase, and his SUV and is rated for use for children 3+.  I received the set from bzzagent.com in exchange for my honest opinions.  I was not provided any further compensation and participation in this program does not sway my opinions of the product.

Removal and Building of the Lookout Playset

Removal of the Lookout Playset was probably the most time consuming part of putting the toy together.  Several pieces were taped to the cardboard and I had to use a knife to cut into a few of them.  That’s really no surprise though.

The included instructions for assembling the Lookout Playset were clear and easy to understand.  I estimate my assembly time to have taken about 5 minutes, not including the time I spent removing the pieces from the original packaging.

assembling Paw Patrol Lookout Playset #gotitfree

Playing with the Lookout Playset

For starters, I read some negative reviews of the toy in regards to the slide falling off during play.  I experimented with play for a couple minutes after assembly and before my daughter came down from quiet time.  I had no issues with the slide falling off.  My initial thought is that you need to be sure you’re snapping the slide into place, not just sliding it in.

paw patrol lookout playset at play #toyreview #gotitfree

What I had noticed during my own playtime is that sending Chase down the slide meant I needed to physically slide him down the slide.  There wasn’t enough of an incline for him to slide on his own.  To be honest, I’m quite okay with toys that require a child to do the work.  The periscope rotates and actually works.  The only electronic device is the paw print that has two sound levels and plays random phrases or a song.


As I stated before, we didn’t have any issues with the slide falling off as I had seen reviews mention on various online retailers.  However, I have noticed that the building itself tips during play.  My daughter never seemed bothered by it, but I caught her several times trying to hold up the building while playing.  Play areas in our house are carpeted, so that may or may not have something to do with the building’s lack of steadiness.

Purchasing the Paw Patrol Look-Out Playset

This playset can be purchase for approximately $40 at most of your typical retailers.  You can purchase additional Paw Patrol characters with their vehicles for approximately $13 each.

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