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Game Review: MATCH IT! – LISTEN & PLAY BINGO – ZOO #toys

by Ivy B

We’ve been playing games with the kiddo starting just before she turned 3.  I figured out early on that many games weren’t rated for kids so young, but we all enjoyed spending our evenings playing and learning as a family, so we just got some games for the youngest kids we could find.  It all worked out and has become almost a nightly expectation.  She has a variety of games now that require different skills, but we’ve yet to play a game of Bingo!  I’m excited to share my review of Match It! Listen & Play Bingo – Zoo from The Learning Journey International.  I received the game at no cost to facilitate my review.

Match It! Listen & Play Bingo – Zoo is geared for children ages 3 and up and is sold at $14.99 + tax & shipping on TLJI.COM.

There are several ways to play this game, as the game boards and cards are double-sided.  One side has pictures and the other side has only words.

The sounds are played 3 times on the electronic sound button, then a chime sounds to indicate it’s the next player’s turn.  Essentially, this isn’t much like standard Bingo because players are taking turns and the object is to be first to fill your board.

To be honest, I had a bit of trouble differentiating between the hyena and zebra sounds, which added a slight complication to the game play initially (as well as a bit of embarrassment).

What I really liked:

Game board and tiles were made of heavy cardboard.  I don’t think I have to worry much about bent or torn pieces.

Sound level wasn’t extreme.  You can comfortably hear the sounds and not worry about it being too loud or too quiet.

Different game play levels for skill needs.  I’ll be able to use this board to help teach my daughter some sight words, and then later use only the word sides when she’s reading better.

Auditory and visual senses are covered in game play.

The kiddo enjoyed the game play, and we all love that the game challenges can grow with her reading abilities.


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