Leapfrog Phonics Farm Video Review

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I recently overheard my daughter saying “P says puhh” as she was reading off some letters on a sales flier.  When I mentioned this on a personal Facebook post, a friend of mine recommended some videos for us to continue working on our phonics.

You may remember we’ve worked on phonics off and on, and I also previously reviewed a book to teach your children to read early.

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So, I logged into Netflix and started Leapfrog: Phonics Farm (a 35-minute video).

 Baby girl was immediately captivated.  She has two different Violet characters, so she recognized the characters and was excited to see them on screen.

Leapfrog Phonics Farm Video Review

What I loved about Leapfrog: Phonics Farm:

* Scout & Friends start by showing Uppercase and Lowercase letters, then mention the sound a letter makes.
* For each letter, they bring out an animal and repeat the letter sound.  They also use several adjectives or verbs with the same beginning letter sound. The repetition goes over well at her age, I believe.
* No fluff.  This video went straight to the “lesson.”
* After learning a few letters and their sounds, Scout does a review of a small group and then continues on.
* Touches on vowels and the multiple sounds they make.
* The art and action kept my daughter’s attention for the duration of the video.

Like I said, I was able to watch this on Netflix, but you can buy it on Amazon (link directly to it when you click on the picture at the beginning of this post).  My local library has a few Leapfrog videos … if you don’t want to spend money, I’d recommend trying your library too.

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