10 Best Subscription Boxes Mom To Be Will Cherish

by Ivy B
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10 best subscription boxes for baby showers to promote self care for moms and healthy development for babies. Great ideas for every mom.

Look, you should absolutely get an expectant mama gifts off her baby registry.  There are baby essentials she’s going to need to get through the first year with her sanity.  But, perhaps you’re looking to give her something special?  A gift that comes every month for a little while for her and her new baby to enjoy?

As a mom of two, I can say sticking to a baby registry is the smart way to go.  We need lots of stuff for babies and, honestly, we can’t really ever have too many diapers.  But, if mama’s registry is nearly complete, you should certainly feel comfortable including a subscription box in the mix of her gifts.  I promise, these are the best subscription boxes for baby showers that mom and baby will absolutely love to receive!

10 best subscription boxes for baby showers to promote self care for moms and healthy development for babies. Best subscription boxes for women and babies to give at a baby shower. Many can be personalized for the phase of motherhood or by gender. | www.sahmplus.com

10 Best Subscription Boxes for Baby Showers

With so many subscription box services out there, how do you decide what to gift?  I’ve done some of that research for you and found that these are some of the top rated subscription boxes perfect to give an expectant mama at her baby shower!  These are, what I believe to be, the best subscription boxes for baby showers according to reviews and ratings as I did my search.  And, I can certainly attest to the fact that I’d loved to have received any of these subscription boxes as a gift.

 Tadpole Crate from KiwiCo

Recently, Kiwi Co began offering their Tadpole Crate, perfect for new babies!  Their new crate is perfect for ages 0-2 years.

Kiwi Crates are my favorite subscription boxes for kids, so it’s really exciting that they’re expanding their lines to include the tiniest of family members, too.

In the newborn pack, you’ll get an age-appropriate product, a Cricket Board Book, magazine with advice and tips for caring for and engaging your baby, and an age-appropriate online toolkit!

Any mom-to-be would love to receive this subscription box for her new baby.

Get the Tadpole Crate

Ecocentric Mom – Mom and Baby (0-18mo)

Ecocentric Mom box
Ecocentric Mom subscription boxes are available for any phase of motherhood, including pregnancy.  Give a subscription length of your choosing in the Mom and Baby phase.  This monthly box will introduce mom and baby to eco-friendly products they both can enjoy.  Check out my Ecocentric Mom subscription box review here.  [the_ad_group id=”13362″]

 Get The Mom and Baby Subscription Box

Bluum Box

bluum subscription box for mom and baby
A Bluum box can be customized based on the gender of the baby.  If you don’t know the gender, simply select “I don’t know”.  Bluum states they try to include Organic and Natural products for moms and babies as often as possible.

The cool thing about this box is that mom can get an online sneak peak of the items before they ship.  Unfortunately, there is no way to swap items you’re not interested in, but at least mom can have a little fun knowing what to expect before the box arrives.  Bluum boxes have surprises for both mom and baby.

Get a Bluum subscription box

Bookroo Book Subscription Box

Books for your kids, Curated. Wrapped. Delivered. Get 15% off today at bookroo.com
Trust me when I say, a mom can never have too many books for her baby!

Bookroo subscription boxes offer two book-type selections … board books for babies and picture books for toddlers.  Start baby’s first year off right with new board books every month!  I promise mom will be eternally grateful not to be reading the same books over and over again.  [the_ad_group id=”13358″]

Get a Bookroo board book subscription box


Another eco-friendly monthly subscription box for box mom and baby!  This one features one of my favorite brands, Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics.

This monthly bundle is tailored to mama’s due date or baby’s age and features at least 4 safe, non-toxic full size products plus samples and coupons.  Babies are expensive, so samples and coupons are ever so helpful for new moms!

Get a 21Bundles subscription box

Hoppi Box

Let’s face it … babies and toddlers get bored of the same toys.  But, more toys isn’t always better either (ask me how I know).  Hoppi Box offers age-appropriate toys based on your child’s age and ships a box once every 3 months.  I can totally see rotating toys to give a baby time to get used to them but not tire of them.  A subscription service like this may make it easier for mom not to overload on toys at birthdays and holidays.

Get a Hoppi Box subscription

All the Fluff

Is mom planning to cloth diaper her baby?  It’s one thing I considered but I didn’t even know where to start.  What diaper do you buy?  What accessories do I need?  How do I clean them?

I knew moms who did cloth diaper and it seemed really intimidating, too.

But, a subscription box dedicated to a new diaper every month with at least 2 other goodies?  Well, that takes care of what diaper …. just try a new one a month.

Get an All the Fluff subscription box

Colson and Joe

The Colson and Joe is a subscription box for moms who plan to breastfeed.  I know breastfeeding is a very personal (and potentially touchy) subject.  If you know mom is planning to some variation of breastfeeding, let her know you support her decision with this thoughtful and helpful subscription box!

Get the Colson and Joe Box

Mama Bird Box

The Mama Bird subscription box is available in three formats: pregnancy, mom and infant, and a mommy only box.  As a mom, I know so much emphasis is placed on the care and excitement over a newborn.  Maybe show mom you care about her well-being too and get her a mommy only box from Daisy Bee!  It’s definitely important that we support and encourage mom’s to practice self-care from the beginning.

Get the Mama Bird Box

Pampered Mommy Box

Another great subscription box to help promote self-care for moms is the Pampered Mommy Box.  This box includes at least 5 full sized items and is dedicated solely to mom’s personal physical and mental health, wellness, beauty and more.

Get a Pampered Mommy Box

Have you ever given a subscription box as a baby shower gift?

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I’d love to know what you think the best subscription boxes for baby showers are!  Did I miss any good ones?  Did you receive a subscription box as a gift as an expectant mom?  What did you get and what did you love about them?

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Dara December 15, 2017 - 11:18 am

I have a baby shower to attend next month…

Thanks for all of these gift ideas!

Ronni Peck December 19, 2017 - 6:02 pm

Another good idea might be an at-home date night subscription box. Since, let’s face it, it’s a lot harder to get out of the house on dates with your partner once baby comes. 🙂 I wrote up a whole list of all the date night boxes out there I’d found, if you’re interested: https://www.screenwriterswife.com/date-night-subscription-boxes.html

Jenny May 17, 2018 - 7:12 pm

Subscription boxes really seem to be all the rage nowadays!!

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