Geo World Deluxe for iPhone and iPad Review and Giveaway

by Ivy B
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This is a fun app for those who love geography or for children who need to brush up on their states and countries. I know I, for one, was excited to be reviewing the app because I was definitely having trouble remember what I learned many years ago in Geography classes… and I remember loving geography as a high school student.  Without further ado, check out my review of Geo World Deluxe iOS app from Lifeware Solutions!

Developers Notes about the app:

One App With Seven Games:
FALL-N-CATCH: Tap on the correct falling down country among colorful ones.
LOCATIONS: Find the location of the selected country on the map.
SHAPES: Stack the countries to build a pile. The taller it is, the more score you get.
NEIGHBORS: Guess the country that borders with all countries on the screen.
CAPITALS: Match countries with their capitals.
EXPLORATION: Learn countries, their locations, shapes and flags.
PLACES: Discover landmarks, match them to the locations on the map using Google Street View.
Learn All About Countries and the USA States:
* Flags
* Capitals & Cities
* Landmarks
* State shapes
* Bordering states
* Location on the map

Geo World Deluxe is a fun to play educational app for pre-school kids, students and adults!

Ivy’s Thoughts:

I personally enjoyed this app.  I remember loving geography as a student, though I don’t remember much of it these days.  I was pleased to find that each game had a way to choose difficulty level (I always started with EASY), and then if you answered enough correctly, you were bumped to the next level automatically.  When I answered correctly, I was greeted with a nice display of fireworks.  A bump in level showed a cute picture.  Both provided motivation and confidence building that younger kids may find attractive.  I can see myself using this app more regularly to pass some time and won’t be a complete waste, as I’ll be sharpening my brain, which is always a welcomed treat!

I’ll be the first to admit that I can barely remember anything I learned about cities, states, and other countries, but this is a fun way for me to brush up on it.  And, if I only have a couple minutes to spare, I can back out of a game at any time.

The pictures in the app are great, and the fact that some games use Google Street View makes it even more interesting!

Finally, I’ve enjoyed saying out loud the US states and Capitols to my 2 year old.  She also has begun trying to repeat the countries when they’re called out during one of the games.  Who knows, maybe it’ll start sinking into her brain and she’ll be a whiz at geography some time down the road.


3 lucky readers will receive a download code for Geo World Deluxe!  If you can’t wait to find out if you’re a winner, the app is available for download for your iPhone or iPad in the iTunes app store for 99 cents.

Giveaway runs from 1/20/14 12 a.m. EST to 1/28/14 12 a.m. EST. Please see the terms and conditions in the giveaway form for more information.
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