Pamper’s Kandoo Wash Your Hands

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In my latest ambassador kit for Boogie Wipes, there are some new products for my family to try and I want to share one that makes my kid really happy.

Since the first time we tried the Kandoo Body Wash in Tropical Smoothie, we were hooked!  Baby girl points to it in the bath and says “yum yum” because I’ve told her how good it smells (and makes me want to eat her up).

Well, the new kit arrived and several products were in the box waiting for us to try them!  Baby girl loves washing her hands, so we eagerly tried the Kandoo “Wash Your Hands” hand soap which came in a lovely Magic Melon scent.  She says “yum yum” to it now too, so I take it she approves!

If you’re looking for this line, here’s a shot of some stock at my local Publix – it’ll give you an idea of the price you may expect to pay for these locally

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