Sunkissed Vox Box – Review (Influenster)

by Ivy B
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I recently received a Sunkissed VoxBox from Influenster!  I had only recently joined Influenster, so I was surprised to find out I had been chosen to test out products for my opinion on them, and get to share my thoughts with you.  I received complementary products from Influenster to try out and provide a review of them, as well as completing some tasks to help promote them.  If you’ve followed me on some of my other social media accounts, you may have seen some posts from me.
Here’s my VoxBox and it’s contents:

As you may know, we recently moved and I’ve had no chance to get out of the house for some ME time in about a month. The first thing I opened was the Sinful Shine nail polish in “All the Rage”.  I couldn’t have been more happy to receive this color as it is one of the few pink colors I like!  I painted my toe nails one night instead of doing more work – it made me feel like I cared about myself again, even though I don’t really have time to care about myself.  Here’s what the final product looks like with just one coat:

One of the next things I did was use the knotted hair ties by Goody‘s.  You’ll remember I’m a mom to a toddler, so my hair style is quite boring typically – time, again, isn’t on my side. What I love about these hair ties is that using the same one in a week didn’t result in a band that was so stretched out that I couldn’t use it anymore.  You know the routine … use the same one a few days and it stretches so much that you end up twisting it about 6 times and it still doesn’t hold?! I was planning on making some similar ones, but I’m quite content with these!!

Sadly, with our move, toddler getting sick, hubby traveling for work, and weaning off the pacifier all in a month, getting out, much less dressing up in high heels, was out of the question.  I did spend a few minutes trying the Dr. Scholl’s for Her High Heel inserts.  While they may be comfortable, take heed in this warning: I tried to put them in a super favorite pair of closed toed heels that fit well, only to find myself feeling like a step-sister trying on Cinderella’s glass slippers … I could barely squeeze my feet in because my toes became too cramped.  I had to find a pair of shoes to slip them in that didn’t already fit well.  So, my recommendation is to add these inserts to shoes that don’t fit perfectly (I’m a woman, I know that sometimes we buy a great looking shoe at the expense of some comfort hehe).

Finally, my review of Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream} isn’t as exciting as I had hoped.  This “skin perfecting tinted moisturizer with sunscreen” smelled great going on, and did moisturize my face.  I applied it several times in the course of the month and once for a trip to the zoo and I never felt “perfected.”  My face didn’t burn at the zoo since it had some SPF, despite the fact I only applied it once (instead of the every 2 hour recommendation).  In my early 30s and exhausted with a toddler, I feel like I need more than a tinted moisturizer to “perfect” my skin.  Additionally, on the ride home from the zoo, I started to feel a burning sensation in my eyes – the only thing I wore on my face that day was the BB cream, so I can only assume it was melting into my eyes.  On the few occasions I wore the BB Cream, I felt a similar burning sensation in my eyes, though I’m careful to not put it near my eyes.  I dislike publicizing my “tired mommy face”, but I always say I’m up for getting out of my comfort zone, so here you go:

Pictured here: Before and After using BB Cream

All in all, I had a blast trying out these great new products, and I do find myself completely in love with the Goody’s Ribbon Elastics and even more so, couldn’t live without the Sinful Shine nail polish!

What product, discussed above, interests you the most?

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Kate Williams July 24, 2013 - 5:33 pm

I LUV the pink. Just had my nails done in a similar color so I could use this in my home mani-pedi kit.

I also have same reaction, burning eyes, if I wear sunscreen on a hot day. Inevitably there's some eye irritation as heat and sweat "melt" the product and it slips into the eye area.

Just got a haircut and can't use hair ties anymore.

Thanks for your review.

Melissa Wright July 24, 2013 - 5:36 pm

I love your honest review and commend you on pushing your comfort zone and posting your before and after pics! I also am the Mom of a toddler (and a 6 year old) so I can definitely relate with the lack of time for things like nail polish, high heels, and fancy hair-dos. Even without kids I have never been one to put fashion above comfort, so I've haven't been able to master the art of wearing high heels. I would much rather wear a pair of flip flops.


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